Mabuhay Filipino Mart

Mabuhay Filipino Mart is a “One-Stop” shop of authentic Philippine products including “hard-to-find” items that complement Philippine nostalgic theme.
The mission of Mabuhay Filipino Mart is to provide the Atlanta, Georgia’s Filipino and Filipino-American communities, residents and visitors with a high quality and authentic “hard-to-find” Philippine products in a convenient location with great service, pleasant atmosphere and nostalgic hospitality of the Orient Seas.

Serving as the second Filipino grocery store in the Atlanta area, this store is strategically located in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and within 15 miles radius of Buford, Duluth, Dacula, Suwanee, Norcross, Lilburn, Tucker, Stone Mountain, and Snellville, Georgia. This location has easy access for Filipinos and Filipino-Americans living in the Filipino-dense communities of Northeast Atlanta and Northeast Georgia as well as those from surrounding cities and counties of the North and South Carolinas. Our goals include, but not limited to:

To sell major authentic Philippine products that serves and caters the Filipino and Filipino-American communities in and around Atlanta, Georgia; and to sell some Southeast Asian products to serve the Asian communities in the area
To sell “ready-to-eat” microwaveable refrigerated and/or frozen packaged meals to enhance the convenience of shopping
To become an established community destination by creating a service-based company that exceeds customers’ expectations with increased number of repeat customers and new customers from word-of-mouth referrals.
This store also sells “ready-to-eat” microwaveable refrigerated packaged meals as well as other authentic Southeast Asian products.
We installed Filipino Television channels and a flat screen TV for everyone to enjoy. Every week we will have interesting activities to include Sunday Chess, and Saturday night Kareoke sing-a-long. In addition we will have monthly activities such as cooking demonstrations, health and nutrition classes, and other activities that promote camaraderie and fellowship.

Strategy and Implementation

Our strategy focuses on serving high quality authentic Philippine products to serve and cater the Filipino and Filipino-American people of the Northeast Atlanta area. We are determined to be the first Filipino store of its kind that will become an integral part of the community by enhancing the Gwinnett County’s cultural diversity program. Our store will expand its boundaries in assisting the community’s need for participation in promoting positive socio-economic program. To achieve these goals, we will continue to provide the following:

Typical friendly and hospitable environment
High quality products direct from the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries
Consistency of supply of goods
Reasonable and competitive pricing

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