Lolo And Lola

Lolo and Lola is a Filipino eatery in the nation’s capital.

Our world class dishes and baked products

including Adobo, Pinoy BBQ, Bagnet,

Manila-style Ensaymadas, Halo-Halo and Leche Flan,

gives our patrons a taste of our motherland’s rich

culture, history, and flavours, with Canberra love.

We strive hard to offer and continuously introduce

Philippine cuisine to the world by providing

the best Filipino dining experience,

while giving our fellow Filipino-Australians

a familiar and comforting taste of “home”.

And here at Lolo and Lola,

we’re not just serving Filipino fare on a plate – we’re

serving up a way to honour every Filipino’s lolos

(grandfathers) and lolas (grandmothers) who are the

keepers of our exquisite and delicious traditions.

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