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Filipino food, served the traditional Filipino way with a price that is very affordable. I guess the majority of our savings really do go to food and it’s really time to spend wisely.
In the Filipino language, the word “binalot” means “wrapped” and is derived from the root word “balot” that means “to wrap.” There are a myriad ways of preparing Filipino foods and a favorite is wrapping in leaves. The dish is often times referred as “Binalot” .
The banana leaf is huge with a thin wax outer layer that makes it perfect for wrapping even the sauciest of dishes. Use of leaves as a wrapper and container of food probably goes as far back as to the primitive times, since the banana plants are in abundance in many Asian tropical countries such as the Philippines. The use of banana leaves probably became more essential for laborers who would travel far from their homes and needed a means to store their meals, also Filipino ancestors wrapped food especially those who bring packed lunches to farmers tending the fields.

Philippine cuisine does have a thousand and one sweet and savory recipes that uses this technique of food preparation. It gives you a peek of the Filipino’s practical nature, ingenuity, creativity and propensity to have fun, wherever and whenever. and while it usually means picnic lunches, Unfold your banana leaves and get ready for a hearty treat.

Binalot, it’s our Pinoy-version rice toppings with a generous serving of rice and choices of meat served with salted egg and tomatoes.

the ordinary order comes with plain rice but you can change it it to the famous adobo rice ( you just have to add a few dirhams ), it’s way better with the adobo rice!

Bistek had a huge serving of plain rice topped with chunky Tender beef slices with that distinct ‘bistik’ taste with red egg and tomato on the side…. dinner is served.. You will love having a piece of salted egg and tomato with beef steak in every scoop.The beef was juicy yet you would have loved it if it had more onions and sliced in smaller strips.

Inihaw, marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, herbs and spices. Grilled to get that authentic barbecued texture, and aroma. Served with white rice. Comes with salted egg and tomato.

Tap into the Tapa – Binalot’s packaging made the Tapa truly an enjoyable Filipino meal. The hot rice was topped with the tender beef cutlets marinated beef, perfect with salted egg. You’ll loved it because it was very tender and it has a hint of spice due to the chopped sili. You will get busy enjoying this meal that you will finished the entire thing in minutes.

Sinigang , that has the perfect kick of sourness. love the beef cubes and veggies found inside. This is a great comfort food after a long busy day at work.

Dig into the Sisig – minced beef with onions, intensely beef with optional chili, meaty with a smoky flavor..

Just take bite after bite of No Bones Daing na Bangus – boneless, fried milkfish without bones to pick. The boneless milkfish is a real treat for almost everyone who loves to eat this fish since typically milkfish has a lot of small “bones” that are hard to spot thus making it quite hard to eat the fish.

For side dishes
You can choose between Pinakbet (sautéed vegetables which include eggplants, string beans and squash) and Along Came Talong with Bagoong (fried eggplant served with shrimp paste)

For dessert
the Leche Flan which was very creamy. It makes a sweet ending to your simple budget-friendly meal.

For Drinks
Sago’t Gulaman . enjoy chewing on the soft sago balls mixed with sweet chewy gelatin. It was not too sweet too which was perfect for your taste.

A meal at Binalot will cost you small amount and yet you already get your own rice topping, drink and dessert. Now, that’s what I’d call a budget find!

Eating at Binalot does not just give one an authentic Filipino dining experience, It also helps the environment, make use of banana leaves for packaging not only its friendly to the pocket it also lessen plastic use! it makes you socially responsible too.

If you want to experience traditional all time Filipino favorites served the traditional way, the way to go is Binalot restaurant.

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