Your Home Away from Home

If there is one thing that Desert Home Health Services (DHHS) values the most, it is home.

At Desert Home Health Services, it is the value of being part of the family,  and continuing the services from hospital to homes on a medical point of view that are important.

Now for almost fourteen years, it has smoothened the path as the Top Home Care Service in the Coachella Valley. They primarily offer high-skilled services in nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, social work and certified home health care provided by professional and medical practitioners.

Just like family, DHHS always makes sure that they cater to the needs of every patient, especially their specific needs. They have  experienced staff and are very detailed in all the work that is needed when it comes to patient care. Through the years, they have instilled the values of loyalty and honesty, and have exemplified excellence in their own profession. More importantly, DHHS’s staff have been in the company for several years.

What makes Desert Home Health Services stand out? Aside from the high-skilled service in a home set-up that they provide, it is the value of what Filipinos are known for – compassionate care. They make sure that they give everyone the affection they need, that they don’t miss anything, and that they do what they are instructed. They try to know each patient by heart. They monitor them. They check on the improvements and take note if there is something that needs to be acted upon. In this way, communication will be easier between them and the patient’s primary doctors.

They try to know more about you. They empathize with you. They try to make you feel that they feel what you are feeling…. The pain. The relief. The care. The love.

This is what Desert Home Health Services is known for.

“We welcome each patient into our family. We embrace them in our home. We believe that when these are combined –  excellence in patient care, honesty and loyalty of our medical practitioners and the Filipino value of compassionate care – we are not just helping them survive in their journey, but also, making them feel that they are loved, like a real family would,” shared Emma May Santiago-Caparas, the owner of the company. Maria Rosario Lo, her medical school colleague, co-owns the company.

They are with you in your story.

They are with you like a real family.

Welcome to Desert Home Health Services!

Desert Home Health Services is located at 558 So Paseo Dorotea Unit 3, Palm Spring CA 92264.

For more information, you may contact 760-318-900 or 888-865-2903.