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Dollar Hits – Where a Dollar Is Worth More

So what can you buy with a dollar? A lot of things come to mind. With a dollar, you’ll probably get products that may be secondhand, low-quality… Read more »

LAFACE: The Representation of Filipino Careers in the Los Angeles Area

  During the early 1980s, the overseas Filipino community was turning out to be one of the largest racial populations in Los Angeles, California. It clearly became… Read more »

Non-Profit Group Pilipino Workers Center Acts as Family for Struggling Overseas Filipino Workers in California

Every year, millions of Filipinos seek for greener pastures abroad. A large percentage of them do so in the hope of providing a better life for their… Read more »

PNB Remittance Centers Inc. opens its new door in Los Angeles, CA

  April 10, 2015. The Philippine National Bank Remittance Centers Inc. (PNBRCI) recently celebrated the opening of its new branch located in the Equitable Plaza building central… Read more »

Californila: Your Personal Shopper from California to Manila

  Filipina entrepreneur, Charmaine “Ishka” Villacisneros, was fortunate enough to experience the exciting world of American shopping for most of her life. Moving to the state of… Read more »