Get to know the Maestro of Tax Accounting in the Philippines


Named the country’s Tax Accounting Guru, Kataxpayer ETM has been educating Filipinos about taxation for over three decades.

Do you have plans on putting up a business after retirement? Want to know how you could properly invest your hard-earned savings? Whatever your plans are about money, taxation will always be an integral part of it. Whether you are a startup up businessman or a long-time professional, learning the know-how when it comes to tax processes is always a valuable knowledge. Fortunately, there is one dedicated individual who’s made it his life’s mission to educate fellow Filipinos here and abroad about taxation.

Emelino Tolentino*, more popularly known as Emelino T Maestro or Kataxpayer ETM, started his tax consulting business in 1985. Since then, he has authored 30 books and conducted numerous seminars in taxation and accounting. Passionate about educating Filipino taxpayers, ETM believes that in empowering people and letting them know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to taxation.

“Ignorance is the most expensive lifestyle,” ETM stated. This has become his battle cry, and the foundation with which he promotes “Kataxpayer” as an identity not only for him but for every taxpaying Filipino. For him, Kataxpayer. or Katax for short, means “a community that binds taxpayers to help and assist them in complying with the laws of the States and promoting their rights and privileges.”

This is why as a renowned Tax Accounting Guru of the Philippines, ETM has also spearheaded various initiatives since starting his business, including training professionals such as Tax Accounting Bookkeepers, Tax Consulting Officers, General Business Offers, and CPAs on Demand. From training professionals to educating the public himself, ETM is very hands-on with everything. And his philosophy for doing so is not only practical but also inspirational. “To eradicate mental, physical, emotional, and financial inequalities,” he said. “We, the people, should eliminate ignorance at once because ignorance is an intentional failure to enrich self with needed know-hows and disability to timely and correctly apply with [sic] is legally right and immediately unlearn what is immorally wrong.”

If you have tax concerns, want to learn about taxation, or just want to attend one of ETM’s seminars, you may reach him via e-mail at and the following contact numbers: 02-439 391802-921 61070922 801 0922, and 0998 979 3922​ You may also like his Facebook Fan pages Emelino T Maestro and Kataxpayer.

*ETM is an important instrument in reducing the 167.0 billion-peso BIR-assessment to zero (0) as well as regaining the self-respects and ability to think again, and removing fears and trepidations of many Katax, whether foreigners or Filipinos, auditors, accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers and officials/ employees of so many business entities.